Cannabis Capital is the leading private equity firm investing in the U.S. cannabis industry with a pioneering focus on unique cannabis companies that already operate legally in all 50 states.

America’s Fastest Growing Industry

Prohibition in the United States is ending and today’s first movers will dominate an industry that will eventually be larger than tobacco, and growing by conservative estimates to over $50B in the next ten years. Our strategic operating team has decades of executive leadership in technology, biotech, and big tobacco (British American Tobacco, R. J. Reynolds, Imperial Brands). We all know that legal reforms are bringing in billions of dollars into the legal sector, but that’s just the beginning. We expect Generation Z will grow to be the biggest consumers of cannabis and their consumption will eventually outpace both tobacco and alcohol in the U.S.

Temporary moat around U.S. cannabis sector

The current legal climate in the United States is preventing big tobacco, pharma, and alcohol from making direct investments in U.S. operating cannabis businesses. Due to pressure from stock market regulators and the threat of being delisted they are currently limited to making direct investments only in Canadian and international companies. Cannabis Capital is exploiting this situation to scale businesses rapidly while the largest listed companies temporarily sit on the sidelines.


  • Unique products

  • Immediately scalable to all 50 U.S. states

  • Intellectual property

  • High margins

  • Invaluable brand equity

  • Sophisticated & experienced leadership

  • Loyal customers

  • Magnet for top talent

  • Industry leading compliance

  • Data driven & process oriented mgmt. processes

Unique Approach

Innovative Products

Cannabis Capital differentiates itself by focusing on unique products and distribution that are already 50-state legal and can later be immediately extended into THC once federal law changes through highly innovative and patent-pending product formulations.


Cannabis Capital partners with portfolio companies to augment existing management teams with veteran executives from diverse backgrounds including biotech, technology, and big tobacco.

Rapid Scalability

By focusing on unique and innovative products that are already 50-state legal Cannabis Capital can scale its portfolio companies rapidly building sales channels into medical dispensaries, recreational retailers, traditional smoke shops, and e-commerce platforms.



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